Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Z

I told you I'd be giving you a baby fix...
This is precious Baby Z.

He was three weeks old when these were taken, so
he was wide awake for awhile.

This day we concentrated on mommy and baby:

and daddy and baby.

I just feel the love coming from mom & dad, don't you?

Then he ate and drifted off...

I think sleeping babies are possibly the definition of perfection.

What could he be dreaming of with that smile? Sigh.

Thank you "M" Family.
I am thrilled to watch and photograph your beautiful growing family!

If you are new here and would like to see their other two beautiful children,
click here for big brother and here for big sister!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

New Friend Friday


  1. What a precious baby, beautiful pics! Stopping by from new friend friday.


  2. well he is sweet enough to put on a basket- well done with these photos Traci!

  3. Great work Traci! That first one is my fav! Those eyes! So sweet of him sleeping too. I can't get over all that hair! :)

  4. he is a beauty...makes me want more grandkids!

  5. what a doll baby.
    i bet he smelled soooo good.
    love all that hair.

  6. Oh my gorgeous! You might have given me a teesy case of baby fever. I better run along now, huh? LOL! Beautiful baby and lovely shots! (Love the baby's little smile!)

  7. Hi Traci, I'm commenting over here since I wan't sure you would go back to my blog. The lens I used for those was a 50mm f/1.8. I really want a better portrait lens. The best ones seem to be prime and I've heard good things about the 80mm f/2.8 for portraits. Hope this helps.

  8. Love the little dimpled hands.

  9. These photos are beautiful! Your work is wonderful!

  10. He is so incredibly cute! He looks just like my son did at that age. Oh how I wish we had a good camera back then! They grow up so fast so I know these photos will be priceless!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  11. ok ok im following BOTH your blogs :-D You have lovely photos!!


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