Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rainbow Mosaic

Linking up to Mary's Little Red House
for Mosaic Monday.

What's with all the rainbows, you say?
Well, my friends...
last week was the first full week of school.

"Sunny day, chasing the clouds away"

Some moms have tears in their eyes as their little ones board the school bus.
Not this momma.
I was ready for a Mimosa!

Of course, I had been home bound with the wild ones for a few weeks before
school started while my husband started back on the road.
Monday through Friday.
Not early Friday.
Late Friday.

Celebrate with me as we start week 2 of school and check out
the other mosaics linking up at Mary's.

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. I forgot to add that the pastel coloring was made by my 7-year-old daughter
P.P.S. Anybody else not surprised my flower rainbow ended up in the shape of a pie piece?
Nope. Me neither.


  1. I laughed out loud reading your comments. YeeHaw the kids are back in school ... the stores are empty! Love your rainbow mosaic. Well done!

  2. Hello happy momma :) I'm visiting from Mary's links. Your mosaic is so happy! We (VT) still have another week and a half before school starts. My youngest will begin full day kindergarten and I have to say that you won't find tears in my eyes as he boards the big yellow bus -because I drive it :)- but you might see the tears flowing as I board the bus after walking him to class that first morning.

    Oh, don't get me wrong...I have three boys and this momma's ready, but still...he's the baby :)

    Enjoy your peace.

  3. Doing the happy dance after Labor Day, we have a bit of time left before school starts! LOL @ your comments! Love your mosaic, so colorful and so much fun!

  4. Hi, Oh I just love your mosaic! How cheerful, colorful and happy it is! Thanks so much for sharing this today! I hope that you have a wonderful new week!

  5. Wonderful colour in your mosaic. Enjoy your kid free time! Jill

  6. beautiful colors!! love the circle drawing especially

  7. Love the rainbow colors, great mosaic. School starts here on the 30th. Have a wonderful week.

  8. These are beautiful colors, and flowers!

  9. what cheerful colors....
    a piece of rainbow pie~ one bite is sure to make a person smile.
    have a great day~

  10. Pretty - like the colors. School is back in session here also. Now if it would cool down about 20 degrees. :D

  11. What a colorful mosaic, the colors are so bright and cheery. But then you are celebrating 'schools in'. Enjoy you peace and quite. Have a GREAT week.

  12. I love your mosaic! Very cool theme and as my kids start school this week, I know how you feel!

  13. I love all the happy colors and rainbows! Yeah for school!

  14. Traci! Love your mosaic! Can't believe your kids have been in school already, we still have 2 weeks before school starts.
    I really love the flowers in your mosaic....what I like the best about them is that besides the gorgeous color... there is next to no shadows below them. How did you do that? Beautiful.

  15. Love the intense colors! You may have inspired a new mosaic for me. . .

  16. Simply gorgeous, Traci! Enjoy your freedom. ;)


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