Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lulu and B&W Wednesday

Back for another challenge...

using a photo from my recent archives of our daughter.

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the long road

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  1. What a gorgeous picture of your daughter! WOW. Her profile is beautiful, and I love the sweet, thoughtful look on her face. I can't wait until my little girl will "cooperate" with my picture taking. ;-) Beautiful shot!

  2. Wow Traci...this is beautiful. Perfect B&W processing too!

  3. oh traci....
    your daughter is adorable. love her hair!
    what a great place for a photoshoot.

    i'm trying to test this out more.

    love the photo in black and white~it always adds so much emotion and dimension.

    thanks for your continued prayers.

    hugs to you~

  4. this is such a beautiful picture. your blog is lovely--following you now.

  5. This is such a beautiful image. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. Traci -- that is a gorgeous shot! I like the dark moodiness of the wood surrounding your daughter.

    Thanks so much for encouraging me to up the ISO. I have been playing around with it a lot (up to 1250) and find that it's not so bad (mostly). Thanks for giving me the push!

  7. Is that a bridge? Lulu looks deep in thought. Super cute photo!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  8. That is a wonderful shot! What a great pose leaning back on the bridge with that almost half smile. Very thoughtful and content looking, very nice.

  9. This is such a great shot. She is beautiful and I love the composition.

  10. C H A R M I N G
    Ocular Pleasure
    Me Heart :)

  11. I love the way the timbers seem to go on forever in the distance.

  12. What a gorgeous location and of course she is such a cutie too!!


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