Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ozzy & Sweet Shot Tuesday

Another new challenge to me...
Sweet Shot Tuesday.

I decided to use Ozzy.
And because this was sweet.
It stopped this family of four in its tracks.

You see we've never had a vertically challenged dog before now.
Never had one that needed a little boost to see
the squirrels and chipmunks outside.

So, the Oz-man decided to prop himself up with his
catcher's mitt-sized paws and look.

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Sweet Shot Day


  1. I love the editing in this shot!

  2. This is precious! I love your treatment on this. You really get a sense that he is waiting for someone to come home.


  3. I love, LOVE this precious shot! Your outdoors looks like a painting...just lovely. :-)

  4. beautiful POV and so sweet indeed

  5. This is adorable...and I agree with Karli that your outdoors looks like a painting. Your processing is gorgeous.

  6. so sweet, he looks like he is waiting for everyone to come home! love the textures on your pictures

  7. How adorable! Oh and looking at your deck through your window, I have deck envy, ours is in need of a makeover! Thanks or stopping by my blog today and you kind comments!


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