Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mosaic Monday & 365 Days

Joining the fun over at Mary's
for Mosaic Monday.

Click over to see other fabulous mosaics.

These shots are from Days 1 and 2 of
my 365 day challenge.
Click the button on the right column if
you're interested in joining us.
It's a supportive group, interested in becoming
better photographers and committed to taking a photo every day.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh beautiful images! And a great idea for a challenge. I 'm afraid I'd join, and be just as crummy a photographer at the end of the year as I was at the beginning!
    Your pictures already look fabulous to me!


  2. Wonderful images. I love the acorns all lined up. Great theme.

  3. Beautiful mosaic and photos!...Christine

  4. Wonderful triptych mosaic! I love the way the acorns are lined up just so!

    Have a great week!

  5. Great photos! I love the acorns!

  6. Very beautiful mosaic. Well made.

  7. I LOVE the way you presented the photos, Traci! Absolutely beautiful!

  8. your mosaic makes me long for autumn.
    i adore the photo with the acorns in a row.

  9. i'm so glad that you are going to do a 365 journey.
    i really enjoy your photos.
    i signed on too!!

  10. Great photos. I think you are well on your way.

  11. Great mosaic! The images have a feeling like the Fall season is right around the corner, my favorite season. I like the first image the best, it has a nice bokeh. Have a great week Traci ~Diana

  12. Fantastic shots, love the first with the acorns all in a row.

  13. you have my admiration for joining and keeping up. i never make it what with my blogs, flickr, facebook and paid work. but i keep hoping. nice job here!

  14. These are wonderful, love the acorns lined up and I love the trees. Wonderful photos.

  15. oh what lovely images, traci! i love those acorns!!! thanks for sharing at MM, and good luck with the 365. :)

  16. please feel free to take the awards in the post , share each award with 1 to 10 friends,

    Awards 4 u

    Happy Monday!
    Happy September!
    Happy Labor Day!


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