Thursday, May 20, 2010

M Family Session

One of my favorites and from the beginning of our session, no less!

Big brother, Luke, is handsome, charming and quite a thinker.

I think he looks so happy and relaxed - I'm pretty sure he was talking
to mommy when I shot this:

Mom asked for the original of this shot to be
cropped and converted to B & W.

But I couldn't resist trying this:
And then, because I'm weak for sassy, little girls:

Thank you for a fabulous family session, M Family!

And because I'm curious - tell me which you prefer-
the B&W or vintagey portrait.


  1. i like them both but a lot of families are into the BW thing. i know my sister in law loves BW.

  2. Can't decide on the processing, but my favs are #4 and the last one! So cute!! What lens are you using? Love the shallow DOF! Great job! :)

  3. Well, see here, I liked the BW so much - until I scrolled down and liked the vintage so much. Great shoot!

  4. adorable family....
    and beautifully captured.

  5. beautiful photo shoot.....beautiful family !

  6. These are gorgeous...I don't usually particularly like black and white but these are very captivating!!!


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