Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Challenge

Joining Brooke and her friends over at:

where they pick a color from a box of 64 crayons
and use the color as a prompt.

My submission for the color Pink Carnation:

Lulu's hat fits the bill...
and because her brother will
feel left out if I don't...(and because I love this shot showing him enjoying the snow)

Thanks for visiting!
P.S. Feel free to join - next week's color is chestnut brown!


  1. Great shots! And the Bears hat rocks!!! GO BEARS!!! ;) (sorry, I am a HUGE fan and can't wait for the game on Sunday!!!)

  2. What great smiles, both of them! You are right the hat is perfect for carnation pink! Thanks for linking up, hope you keep coming back!

  3. Beautiful shots! I am doing Project 64 too. Brown kind of stumped me but I'm getting there. Now I have ideas, but I need more hours in the day to find time to take them (don't we all). :)

  4. love that carnation pink. i still love the teal blue crayon

  5. Beautiful photo's!
    I'm a new follower. Love your blog, I too am doing the 365 days of photo's!

    Amy's Life @


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