Wednesday, January 26, 2011

McC Family

This lovely family shoot was waaayy back in November,
but I am just now posting since things were
crazier at that time.

Both girls are as beautiful on the inside,
as they are on the outside!

What sweet smiles...

Sisters who get along...a dream come true.

Mom and Dad - seriously photogenic.

Thank you McC family for allowing me to take
your family portraits!


  1. Traci, what GORGEOUS photos! You captured the beauty of this family so wonderfully. And of course I love the red-head. So sweet!

  2. what a beautiful job by you! they are a lovely family for sure - I know they are in love with these shots

  3. Trace, these are just gorgeous! I absolutely the backdrop tree behind the girls... that deep green is a perfect setting! Loooooove.

  4. These are gorgeous! Beautiful shots.

  5. They turned out great...btw I passed along a blog award to you, the post is here

  6. These are wonderful, Traci! ( Forgive me, but I am just catching up on all my visiting...)

    Beautiful work -- they must be thrilled with the pictures!


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