Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sweet Shots with Lulu &Ozzy

This was to be some shots of our girl...
who loves to braid her hair and wear silly bands.

When someone insisted he be part of the shoot.
Ballsy little thing, isn't he?

He has wiggled himself right into our hearts.

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  1. awww these are adorable! your daughter has the most beautiful brown eyes!

  2. adorable....
    love that her silly bands made it into the portrait :)
    those are big at our house too.

    great photos.

  3. Oh such wonderful moments captured. Love the silly bands...so colorful!

  4. These are so darling, they make me smile...

  5. soo very sweet - what a darling doll you have there

  6. Dear Tracy, you are a great photographer, just looked also at the last posts at this side. You found the right moments and have a very good sense for it. Thank you also for your kind comment at my blog. ;-)

  7. Traci -- funny, I have a boy wearing silly bands today, too. Honestly, when I first saw them I thought, what they heck are those shaped rubber bands for? I guess I am not very hip or savvy or something!!!!

    I love these photos of your daughter. You can tell she LOVES her doggy friend. So sweet.

  8. These are definitely sweet shots. Love them.

  9. Ohhh, I love the tones in these pictures. Wow! I can especially see it in the first photo - just gorgeous. And silly bandz! LOL! They've finally been banned from my 3rd grader's class at school. Poor teachers!

    And to answer your question...it was a hard boiled egg. ;-)

  10. I love the softness to the photos! And those are totally 'sweet' shots!

  11. They are adorable together! Fantastic shots..

  12. so special...so cute! your images are GREAT as always!

  13. I love these shots! Silly bandz are all the rage! At the school I student teach at EVERYONE in the class as an arm filled with them! Some even have them up to elbow!

    Also thank you for comment on my blog. It meant alot to read it!


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