Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pear Mosaic

Glad to be back.
These shots are from Day 6 of my 365 Day Photo Challenge.
I am far behind in my editing, but life happens!

Please check out the other fabulous mosaic makers
over at Mary's.
Thanks for hosting, Mary!

And thank you for visiting!


  1. What a pretty shots! I love the pears against that blue gray background. So vivid! Great color!

  2. Beautiful mosaic Traci. Simple. Elegant.

  3. What a wonderful mosaic, love the choice for your photos.

  4. pears make such a nice subject....
    and such a juicy treat

    good to see you back homey~

  5. Great pear shot! I've been eyeing the pears in the produce section inspired me, next time I'm there I'll do it! Pear shot here I come!

    Love your work and always enjoy your photos everytime I visit, so I'm passing this blog award on to you...

  6. I like your pear MM because it is so simple and just that is the charm!


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