Tuesday, February 8, 2011


With the color of the week being gray,
I didn't want to shoot the gray sky that
has been lingering here and probably
everywhere else in the country.

So I thought of the elephants at the zoo.
Turns out they aren't fond of gray cold days either.

What do I have that is gray???
I have gray floor pillows from IKEA
and a gray background.
And a pretty cute model.

Sassy, but cute.

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  1. Youv'e got a beautiful model. And I love your gray background.

  2. Very cute, indeed!

  3. Great blog. Discovered it from Heathers blog list. Following now!

  4. Her eyes just sparkle! and her little braids are sweet... ;-)

  5. love the sparkle in her eyes.
    So sweet.

  6. Cute model for sure. So nice of her to play along with you.

  7. Beautiful. Thanks for joining us at Project 64

  8. what an incredible pic! love it! and love that sassy girl too!

  9. She is so beautiful. Traci! Love the pose, and those adorable braids. :)

  10. A cute model for sure! Love your take on gray, going a different route with a portrait! Thanks for linking up with project64!

  11. Traci,
    Very lovely photo! I like how the gray of her scarf ties in the gray of the background and the the pillow.
    As far as the ruffle pants... yes, I made them. I guess that is why we were winking ;).
    Have a beautiful sunny day (hopefully)!


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