Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Very Special Afternoon

What a treat!

Lulu was invited by her friend, K,
to the St. Regis Hotel...
to have tea with Santa.

First, there was the incredibly impressive
Gingerbear House.

Made from :
800 eggs, 350 pounds of sugar, 1000 pounds of flour, 400 pounds of icing

and took 500+ hours to create.

Next was tea, hot chocolate and sweet treats.
(Which is what the girls started with first!)

And then there was the anticipation...

for you-know-who.

Yep, he stopped and talked at length
with both girls.

It was quite the experience...even for this "grown-up"!

Their tree was pretty impressive, too. Gorgeous!

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other fabulous mosaics over at Mary's!


  1. Traci!!!! That is one gorgeous tree! And your daughter and her friend are so beautiful as well. I hope all their Christmas wishes come true. How fun!

  2. What an amazing Gingerbread House. And what a treat for two little girls to have high tea in a hotel with Santa! May your Christmas be filled with joy and spent in the company of those you love.

  3. sounds like an amazing day.
    i love this time of year!!

  4. Love seeing the girls all dressed up and so happy and excited to attend a Christmas tea. What an event!

  5. Gorgeous girls and a perfect looking Santa....what a special treat.

  6. What fabulous memories you are creating! They look like very good girls and should get everything they want from Santa ; )!

  7. Whoa, T!! That looks so fantastic... D. is so lovely in her dress. And how about Santa, with that sparkly little poinsettia on his cap!

  8. How wonderful that you took photos of the event so both girls can remember! Santa was awfully nice to spend so much time with the girls.

  9. Oh my goodness, how fun! What a great Santa!

  10. WOW! What an amazing experience - it looks magical! And I swear that's the "real" Santa, isn't it? ;-)

  11. incredible holiday experience for you both. i am very jealous of tea at the Regis! love photography here Traci!

  12. Such beautiful photos! And can I just say...that is the best looking (or maybe realistic is a better word) Santa I have ever seen!!!

  13. Oh the Santa ones are wonderful! I wanted to stop and let you know that I passed along a Trendy Blog Award from the Trendy Treehouse to you! When you get time, stop by and pick up your button! Happy New Year!


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