Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black & White Wednesday

Posting a little late, but I'm here!

This adorable little one belongs to a good friend.
I took this about 10 (!) years ago.
I actually printed this to B&W in a darkroom class.
Gosh, I loved working in the darkroom.

Now she has blossomed into this
lovely young lady.

Doesn't she have flawless skin?

Beautiful eyes...

And the most likable, sweet personality.
(She comes from good people.)

Thanks to W for allowing me to do your headshot!

Using this as my submission here...
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  1. Beautiful shots and beautiful model, as well! I love that smile!

  2. Beautiful shots - I love the mood in your b/w.

  3. WOW...Traci! These are stunning photos.

  4. Such a beautiful model! Great shots!

    Erika B

  5. beautiful shots, I especially love the black and white, such a gorgeous shot.

  6. Love all of the shots. REALLY like the shot in bw...great tones and overall shot!!

  7. T - these are gorgeous! I can see both Candy & Rick in her... that is sweet that you got to do these!

  8. i love the locations where you shoot...that field is heavenly with all it's beautiful gold.

    that was so cool to see her as a little girl and now a growing up girl....gorgeous.

    so glad to see you posting again~

    have a wonderful weekend!



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