Friday, July 30, 2010

Beauty and (a cute) Beast

Today's post is brought to you as part of Elk and Gayle's Pet Parade.

Ella is dignified, patient and a bit spoiled.
She should be - she had a rough start and spent too much
time as a rescue waiting for a home.

My kids imitate how I talk to her.
"Momma wuvs you! Yes, she does!"
I care not one bit, mind you.

And then there is Ozzy...

He has been with us for over two weeks now.
And we have learned some things about the Oz-Man.

1. Occasionally, he howls in his sleep.

2. He has become quite enamored with Ella.
Doesn't everyone?
He, however, tries to mount her.

3. He looks out the window and barks at everyone and everything
moving along our street.

4. In an attempt to smell Ella and her business,
he has been peed on.

5. His ears are so long, they hit the water in the bowl way
before his tongue reaches it.

And speaking of his tongue...

6. The tip of his tongue sticks out of his closed mouth while
he sleeps. And sometimes stays this way even
after he has woken up.

(This is not a good look for anyone...not even a cute poochie.)

(Okay, maybe it's a little cute.)

Feel free to join the Pet Parade here!

And because animal lovers should stick together, I'm providing
the link to a wonderful photographer, Joy.
She is offering a fabulous set of textures for a very
reasonable price here at her site.
They are called "Maggie's Textures" because they are
being sold to help pay for her
sweet Maggie's vet bills.

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  1. Traci you have two colorful dogs love the sweet talk you do for them ..the images show such a comfort that pets have and I am SO happy you "marched" in the parade today..

  2. Traci, what sweet photos of your "babies". I'm sure you love them very much!

    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet words.... the only energy drink I enjoy is coffee.... have to have my morning java before I can even be somewhat intelligible!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. very laid back, cool pets. enjoyed your post, Traci. So lovely.

  4. They both look so relaxed and happy. Clearly they are surrounded by love. (Also, I love the cushion that Ella is relaxing on.)

  5. i am so glad you have a heart for rescues! my dog is a rescue also and my best dog ever!

  6. beautiful shots...and ozzie may be a cad, but he's awfully pretty

  7. So that little tongue!

  8. Oh what sweet ups! I really love that tongue. So endearing!

  9. oh that little tongue made me laugh out loud this morning. what a great way to start the day :)
    laughing that is.....
    not with my tongue hanging out
    ha ha

  10. Following you back - I love your processing and I will look forward to seeing more from you. Have a great day!

  11. Oh my goodness...sweet pup's you have there :)


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