Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lears - Part I

My dear photogenic friends and their fabulous much fun to do your family portrait.
Of course I have lots more for you to check out, but thought this sneak peak of finished shots was l o n g overdue.

Can you all tell that Mommy modeled? Can you all tell, Miss I. does not care for her picture being taken? Hmmm. Luckily, mom and I agree that catching them as they really are is better than forcing the issue. Beautiful smile, Miss J!

A father and his this.

A family shot given a vintage look. (I'd post the full color shot, but I've already tried a few times and now the vein in my forehead is sticking out.)
I've made it through the first full memory card and will be processing the second set of shots shortly.
Thank you to the Lears for the honor of allowing me to take your family portrait!


  1. great portraits traci...
    i really like the one where the parents are a bit blurry in the background and the kids are up front and focused. nicely done!

  2. Phoenix has finally agreed to sit here while I scroll through these over & over! I am loving all the different looks & compositions going on - from trees to blanket! LOVE them all. An easy, breezy shoot turned out fab. Meet ya soon for the whole deal! xoxo

  3. what beautiful pics!!!! the last one is my favorite!

  4. good morning traci....
    thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. i had to take the iris photo with my point and shoot because i don't have a macro lens for my nikon. do you have any recommendations?
    i want one so bad!!

    have a great day~

  5. what a gorgeous family....and i love the vintage look !!!....but somehow i think you knew i would !


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